Words Are Common

Why I Am Starting a Blog

Words are common.

We live in a world where everyone has a megaphone — yet we still don’t hear each other any clearer.  Too many are talking — too few are listening — even fewer are putting their ideals into constructive action.  

Its because of this that I have hesitated starting a blog.  I have no desire to add to the clutter of noise — to be another voice striving to be heard.  I do however have a passion for empowering fellow citizens with the knowledge and tools to make a difference in the world around us.

The founding of our nation was called the “Great Experiment” in Republic ideals.  Could the people of a nation self-govern without self destruction?  Our Founders designed a form of Government that depended upon active citizen participation.  Yet generations later, we find ourselves living under the authority of a Government that is increasingly disconnected from and unaccountable to The People.

I believe that people do want to be involved and make a difference.  But there is a great chasm between the everyday citizen and the government that is supposed to represent them.  Information on how to affect change is not readily available and, for too many, prohibitively time-consuming to track down.

My hope is to create a forum for concerned citizens to have constructive, healthy dialogue; become informed on issues; and be mobilized to action.  We are the recipients of a beautiful heritage of liberty.  But maintaining that heritage requires something of us.  I hope you will be a part.

God bless,

Michael Cloud

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