cloud pacCLOUDPAC is my Political Action Committee (PAC*). A PAC is the vehicle a group of citizens may use to raise funds to support the efforts to advance issues and candidates. CloudPAC’s mission is to:

1) provide education opportunities that empower citizen involvement
2) strategic support of Constututional-conservative candidates for local and state office
3) advocate for conservative legislation, issues & action at local and state level

As you know, it takes money to continue to plan events, work to advance issues and support candidates.

Thank you for your support of our efforts in these areas.

Michael Cloud

NOTE: I do NOT personally receive any income or funds from CloudPAC. All donated funds go toward the expense of the items mentioned above. CloudPAC is a Texas GPAC and a Sect 527 political organization.  Treasurer: William “Scott” Bauer

Make a donation to support CLOUD PAC’s efforts to educate and empower people

to action and to support state and local candidates.


*What is a PAC? — The Texas Ethics Commissions states: ‘A political committee, commonly referred to as a ‘PAC’ is ‘a group of persons that has as a principal purpose accepting political contributions or making political expenditures.’ Simply stated, a political committee is a group of two or more people that accepts political contributions and/or make political expenditures.