How To Testify Before a Committee

Have Your Voice Heard on a Texas Legislative Bill

Legislative Committee

The thought of testifying before a committee can invoke visions of U.S. Senators grilling Supreme Court nominees for hours on end.  But having your voice heard on a piece of legislation does not have to be intimidating.  You can make sure your voice is heard on a bill that’s important to you. Check out this video and […]

Taking on Goliath

Be the change you want to see in the world

goliath stone

How do you take on Goliath? It must have been lonely for young David as he walked across the plain — all his friends & countrymen cheering him on, hoping for his success — but content to stay in the comfort of the encampment. The same was true for the ones who should have been […]

Curing Our Health Care Woes

We Forgot to Ask "What's Wrong?"

health care

If  you don’t ask the right questions, you will always end up with the wrong answers. Such is the case in our nation’s decade long struggle to address America’s health care woes.  A cornucopia of false assumptions and wrong goals have left us with a law that is failing under its own weight — and a […]

Every Book Counts

A True Texas Tale of Identification

It’s been said that education is the great equalizer. And to that end, public libraries for decades have played an important role in providing the public free access to a valuable knowledge base. But many library patrons (admittedly, myself included) have, in the course of life, misused this privileged resource incurring over-due book fines — […]

Road to a Better Education for our Kids

School Choice in Texas

education reading

State-Private partnerships are nothing new in Texas. There are a variety of ways in which the State already partners with private entities to accomplish public goals. Many private entities receive state funds for a variety of public services including promoting the arts, providing health and human services, research and planning — and yes, even building […]

So I Voted, Now What?

Legislative Priorities: Republican Party of Texas

How do we better ensure that legislators we elect adhere to the principles and policies we espouse? This is a question many Americans and grassroots politicos have pondered over the years. And it is one the Texas State Republican Party is working to address. Every two years, Texas delegates meet at the State Convention to […]

Words Are Common

Why I Am Starting a Blog

Words are common. We live in a world where everyone has a megaphone — yet we still don’t hear each other any clearer.  Too many are talking — too few are listening — even fewer are putting their ideals into constructive action.   Its because of this that I have hesitated starting a blog.  I […]